The White Lake

Surrounded by ancient pines there is a pearl of Ulyanovsk region the White Lake. It is located on a high watershed altitude plateau with absolute height of320 m. The shape of the lake is oval, the length is 2 kilometers. It is 1 km wide. It’s square is ​​96 hectares, the average depth of the lake is 3.7 m, maximum depth is 6.3 m. The White Lake is a monument of the boulder-period. The age of this miracle is estimated at 250 thousand years. The “White Lake” received its name because of an exceptionally clear water and white sand on the bottom. The White Lake’ s nature is original and typical for the northern regions, such as Finland. Water warms for a long time, and slowly gets cold. In the summer its temperature reaches 30 degrees and doesn't fall below 20 degrees. The White Lake is supplied by the springs located on the bottom.