Chalky Mountains

Chalk Mountain is not only fabulous scenery, blending with white clouds. It is also ancient monuments of nature. Cretaceous period is the latest in the Mesozoic era, and the time interval is dated 145-65 million years ago. Chalky Mountain is not nothing but the bottom of ancient seas, the sediment of dead organisms (belemnites, brachiopods, bivalves, sea urchins, etc.), which was mixed with an inorganic material and formed a kind of sludge deposits. In the course of geological processes parts of the earth's crust, the former bottom mixed, rose above the sea level, forming a land then again washed away by rivers and seas. As a result ancient sedimentary rocks were exposed in the valleys, which are preserved fossils of plants and animals. On chalky slopes it is possible to find the remains of extinct mollusks belemnites which are popularly called the "devil's fingers" or "thunderbolt".