Yazykov’s Park (Yazykovs’ estate)

This park is not just a sample of garden art, but also the historical and literary monument of the Ulyanovsk region.

Alexander Pushkin and Denis Davydov were here. N.M. Yazykkjv’s childhood and youth passed here - the famous Russian poet of "Pushkin's time." Simbirsk noble family residence exists from the 2nd half of the XVIIIth century. In 1827, a manorial house was built in the Yazykovs’ estate as a typical example of the architecture of Classicism. Up to 1917 the manor house remained as a room in which AS Pushkin stopped in 1833. The house burned in 1922. Up to our days the pond, summerhouse, fountain remained and the firtree which is about 200 years old. On the plan of 1858 the manor is marked with all its buildings: the upper pond, dam, road over the dam, manor house and other facilities of the complex. Everything was thought over in a composite way in the estate and due to the Classicism period.