Ulyanovsk paleontological reserve

The geological structure of the Ulyanovsk paleontological reserve mostly consists of rocks from the Lower to Middle Jurassic periods. From north to south along the shore slope and dips are observed. The rocks are set aside in the Upper and Middle Jurassic age, containing the remains of invertebrates and marine reptiles, paleo valley basset in which there are the remains of quite common animals such as rhinos, buffalo and mammoths. The age of these sediments is 1.5-2 million years. In the nineteenth century these sediments were the bones of ancient man, and in the twentieth - the old tools.

Ulyanovsk Gorodischensk Paleontological Reserve cut line is the most interesting and representative place. Its successively overlapping layers contain the most valuable information on how life between the Jurassic and Cretaceous geological period was changing. Numerous findings of invertebrate and vertebrate fauna have been made here. Undor’s oftalmozavr was found in sediments of the Jurassic period and described. This was an ichthyosaur that lived in this area 150 million years ago.