Provincial government council. A.I.Dmitriev the architect. 1903 - 1905 years.

At the beginning of the XX century, there was a need of construction of the provincial Zemstvo. In view of the significance of the building and the choice of its location on the main street of the city there was a competition. The winner was a student of the higher Academy school of Arts A.I.Dmitriev. The construction was carried out under the direction of Simbirsk architect VL Ivanovsky involving artist MF Kwiatkowski, using the sketches which made the reliefs on the facade (arms Simbirsk, masks of lions), and painting the ceiling and the figures of the Atlanteans in the lobby. This was one of the most significant buildings in Simbirsk, that's why its picture was on all the cards of the early XX century. After the revolution, the building housed the proletarian university newspapers and various institutions. Since 1931, the building had been occupied by the city, and after the recreation the region - the regional department of communication.