The historical-ethnographic complex "Trade and crafts Simbirsk XIX the twentieth century." (museums "Petty local" and "Joiner's workshop")

A House, in which "Petty local" is situated, was built in 1851 in the second half of the XIX century, for over 30 years, a small shop was on the first floor of the house , which was called "Joiner's shop". " The shop was there until the early 1890's. In 1982 the building was renovated. The museum features original exhibits - witnesses Simbirsk trade of the XIX century. There is a long counter with a desk, scales on the floor, chests with flour on the shelves and a variety of goods (candy, sugar loaf, glassware, colonial products - tea, coffee, tobacco, oil lamps, candles, matches, soap , stationery, hardware, all necessary for needlework) inside the antique shops. In the courtyard of the estate in the wing, there is a second museum - "Joinery". The museum recreates the atmosphere of a carpentry workshop, which could work as an apprentice with a master and pupils.