Maria girls' high school

Its history begins in 1820, when the house of diligence for female orphans was opened in Simbirsk, it became the first female educational institution of the city. In 1840, the house of diligence was renamed in Elizabeth’s three-class school and it was build on as two-story stone house. In 1858, the program was launched in the organization of the provincial women's college towns, with the programs it approached to general secondary education. This school was called the School Office of Maria, and was opened in Simbirsk on the 8th of January in 1860 . This office was engaged in charity and took its name after Maria Feodorovna, the wife of Emperor Paul I. the fundings came from the donations of the royal family, other caregivers, as well as the revenues from the monopoly of the manufacture and sales of playing cards, which had been reserved for the agency. Soon Maria girls' schools were converted into female high school first with a six, then - seven-year course of study. In 1864 two schools burned in a fire. Elizabeth's College never recovered after the fire, and was closed in 1872, and Maria girl’s school was converted in its renovated building, and in 1864 was converted to the high school. In 1904, the east side, facing the Big Saratov street, was made a three-story annex, to complete the formation of this part of the central streets. At present one of the best schools in Ulyanovsk is located here. Gymnasium № 3 named after Anna and Olga Ulyanovy, who had studied in this building in the 1870 - 1880s.