Museum "Simbirsk Meteorological station. Planetarium"

The museum is located in the former home of nobles of the Yazikovs , in which the doctor P.M.Kozakevich opened the first meteorological station in Simbirsk in 1876. The basis of the museum's collection is a unique collection of meteorological instruments of the XIX - silicium Cup mercury barometer, hair hygrometer, thermometers, etc. It is also possible to observe the nature at the meteorological site specific equipment, re-created in the museum courtyard. In the hall there is a mini-planetarium. In the room, there are star maps, globes of the Earth, Moon, Mars, and the sky, the model of the planetary system, tellurium (model Sun-Earth-Moon), the telescope "Mizar" and the telescope, decorative panels depicting the zodiac constellations from the atlas of XVII century of Polish astronomer Jan Hevelius. Priceless planetarium exhibit is a real Sikhote-Alin meteorite weighing 6.5 kg, which fell to the ground in 1947.